Put-in-Bay News December 2020

The Village of Put-in-Bay Council will hold a Public Hearing on December 10th at 9 a.m. at the Town Hall at Put-in-Bay, to take public commentaries on and propose amendments to the definitions part of its zoning ordinance. The revised section deals with an interpretation of the two terms, adjacent and adjoining,” when it comes to informing neighbors of any modifications involving zoning issues.

Copies of Ordinance 1270-20 are prepared for public inspection in the office of the Fiscal Officer during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Bulk Station Changes Hands – In November, OE Meyer Co., one of the two propane providers on the island, acquired the bulk storage station on Put-in-Bay Rd. from its competitor Ferrelgas LP. The price was $85,000.

Unusual Proposal -There is a proposal to install a “chronolog” at the Bathing Beach at the end of Delaware Ave. It is a 4×4” post with some instructions and a camera/cell phone holder. It costs $200 a year and would create a time-lapse video of the bathing beach changes. This type of project is called “citizen
science.” Lake Erie Shores and Islands and the Put-in-Bay Gazette would cover the costs. The Chamber of Commerce needs to get the council approval to solicit the funds. For information, go to www.Chronolog.io/about.

Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department News December 2020 – Technology has come a long way in the last few years. The opportunity came and the PIBVFD was able to invest in a few Seek thermal imaging cameras. The new cameras are much smaller than their old cameras, plus battery life is much improved from 15 to 20 minutes on their old one to 4.5 hours on the new one.

These were made possible by the generous businesses and citizens who unconditionally support the Volunteer Department. The department says thank you for allowing them to invest in equipment to better serve our community!

Poetry Contest-Contact Daniel Sexton if you are interested in participating in a poetry writing contest this winter on the island. Put-in-Bay was mentioned in an article about how to choose the best hotel for your vacation. Nice to see additional positive press!

News December 2020

Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!- News December 2020 Thumbs Up to all the students at Put-in-Bay School who have been attending classes and coping withNews December 2020 - Photo of Basketball team Covid. Thumbs Up to the 16 student-athletes who will be getting their growl on and suiting up to play on this year’s Panther basketball teams! With Covid in mind, the motto this season is “whatever it takes!” Thumbs Up to Coach Schuffenecker who has worked so hard and made the many modifications that make it possible for the teams to play.

Thumbs Up – We love the uniquely painted parking spots seniors get at Put-in-Bay School. Thumbs Down to the Sandusky Register for recently printing an editorial with the headline “Put-in-Bay is Dangerous.” Perhaps it’s time they get some of their facts straight! Thumbs up to the article about avoiding travel mistakes that mentioned Put-in-Bay as well as safety tips for traveling.

December 2020 News from the Black Squirrel B & B Rob and Maria Hard from the Black Squirrel recently announced they will be running the snack shack at the State Park campground beginning with the 2021 season. That’s great Put-in-Bay News! An interesting article appears about the history of Put-in-Bay Hotels.

Here’s a Couple of Good One’s Making News December 2020- This past summer, an elderly lady was overheard telling her grandchildren she was on the island when the Monument was WOODEN!! Another visitor to the island was heard asking about where they could leave their kids when they went
out drinking. The best one we’ve heard since Octobers News

Pelee Island News December 2020 First Step for Pelee Island Getting Golf Carts- The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario is soliciting feedback to inform the development of a regulatory and policy framework regarding the on-road use of golf carts on Pelee Island. Public Comments are due by December 21st.
For visitors to Pelee Island, golf carts would provide a great mode of transportation, something that has been sorely missing on the island. For Pelee Islanders, it could mean more visitors to help boost the economy.

Complaint Filed Against Put-in-Bay Interim Chief- On September 19th, there was an incident at the Round House that resulted in a man being arrested nearby in front of the Shirt Shack. It was dark and people gathered around as officers were cuffing the uncooperative man. Among those watching nearby was Patrick McCann, the son of Round House owners Michael and Anita McCann.

Patrick was in the Round House when the suspect hit him and two others and was reportedly waiting to tell the police what had happened. In the confusion, police officers were attempting to disburse the surrounding crowd. Put-in-Bay’s Interim Police Chief James Kimble was one of the officers on the scene attempting to clear people out of the way. In plain clothes, he was yelling for people to “back up.”

During all the confusion, Kimble is heard in video footage identifying himself as a police officer, but McCann later said he did not hear Kimble say that and wondered why uniformed officers didn’t step in when Kimble began shoving him. Kimble is seen in one video approaching McCann and pushing him at least one time. McCann later reported that he was “thrown to the ground.”

McCann recently filed a complaint against the chief with the Put-in-Bay Police Dept. alleging excessive force. McCann wrote in his complaint, “The physical contact he made with me was completely unnecessary.” What happens from here is unclear, but according to the regulations of the police department, officers are entitled to a hearing when complaints are made against them. Kimble was appointed interim chief in late June after Mayor Jessica Dress put Put-in-Bay Police Chief Steve Riddle on administrative leave with full pay. In November, the Village Council voted to approve Riddle’s retirement at the end of this year.

News December  2020 Election Results – There are 752 registered voters on the Bass Islands and 595 of them cast ballots on the November 3rd election. That’s a 79.2% turnout. A strong majority of the voters, 331, marked their ballots for Trump/Pence with 251 choosing Biden/Harris. That 55.91% to 42.4%. A handful of votes went to other candidates.

All the local tax levy issues passed. The Put-in-Bay Twp EMS tax levy passed 475 to 102. The Put-in-Bay Township levy for South Bass Island Parks passed 367 to 113. The Middle Bass tax levy for roads passed 80 to 9. The North Bass refuse levy passed 6 to 0. The Recreation Committee tax passed 330 to 151.
Islanders also supported the Ottawa County Park District tax levy by 310 to 262.

News December 2020 From Perry’s Monument- Perry’s Victory Seawall Project – Save the Date – For all of you interested in and following the progress of the seawall restoration, the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project is scheduled to be released on November 30th and will be available for comment through December 31st.

A virtual public meeting is planned for December 17th at 10 a.m. ET. More details will be available soon. Check social media channels and http://parkplanning.nps.gov/pevi. Put-in-Bay Information will be updated as we receive additional news December 2020 Another great article appears about traveling to Put-in-Bay With Kids.

News December 2020 Winter Weather Prediction – The latest information from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center about the upcoming
months of December, January, and February call for equal chances for normal winter weather or slightly above normal temperatures with above precipitation in the island area.

A Great Christmas Gift – Need the perfect gift for someone special? Island photographer Susan Byrnes created a 30-page book filled with beautiful island photos beginning with the collapse of the needle’s eye on Gibraltar in early March. We found Susan’s book absolutely enchanting with photos unlike any others of the island. Call or text Susan at 419-341-8769 to purchase your copy. They are $40, or $45 if shipped.

Wine Delivered – Didn’t get a chance to come to visit Heineman Winery this summer? Don’t worry, they can UPS wine right to your door. Enjoy your favorite island wines in the comfort of your own home. Sweet, medium, dry, red, white, and blush, they have some of them all, plus 2 kinds of grape juice. Heineman Winery is proud to be Ohio’s oldest family-owned and operated winery. Visit HeinemansWinery.com to order.

Parking Permits – The Port Authority would like all winter airport travelers parking at the Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass airports to have a parking permit on their vehicle. You can get a permit tag by calling 419-285-3371 or email Put-in-Bay PortAuthority@frontier.com. There is no fee for the tags. If you have a tag it is still good. If you need a replacement tag the Port can issue you a new tag. Please hang the tag from your windshield mirror. The Port Authority appreciates your cooperation.

Keep Island Non-profits in Mind

A new law passed this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic could have implications for your year-end giving. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which was signed into law this past March, is designed to help individuals, businesses, and non-profits facing economic hardships during the pandemic.

Here is what you need to know as you plan for year end-you have two more months to make contributions that could aid nonprofits such as the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. The CARES Act expands charitable giving incentives and allows taxpayers who take the standard deduction to also deduct up to $300 in charitable contributions to qualified charities this year.

For those who itemize their deductions, the new law allows for cash contributions to qualified charities to be deducted up to 100% (up from 60% previously) of our adjusted gross income for the 2020 calendar year Approximately 90% of all individual tax returns now take only the standard deduction. Previously these non-itemized tax deductions were not permitted to take a charitable tax deduction.

This is an “above the line” adjustment to income that will reduce your adjusted gross income and thereby reduce your taxable income. Consider a donation to the LEIC or LEINWC to receive these tax benefits!! Unless this is extended this is available for only the next month.!! Many donors over retirement age like to make a gift from their IRA using their required minimum distributions (RMD).

The new law temporarily suspends the requirements for RMD for 2020, meaning you don’t necessarily have to take the distribution this tax year. However, a gift from your IRA may still be the way to go. Here are a few reasons why:  Your gift is used right away, so you get to see the difference you are making. *You pay no income taxes on the gift. The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction, so you benefit even if you do not itemize your deductions.

Since the gift doesn’t count as income, it can reduce your annual income level. This may help lower your Medicare premiums and decrease the amount of Social Security that is subject to tax. So keep your island charities in mind!!!

News December 2020 – Cooper’s Woods Dedicated

After a twenty-year saga to save Cooper’s Woods from development, the commitment and determination of hundreds of individuals have been realized and fulfilled. Those individuals believe that commercial and residential expansion must be tempered by green space, natural areas that reflect the natural beauty of South Bass Island. Cooper’s Woods was sold by the Gus and Delores Cooper Family to the DeRivera Park Trust in 1997.

In March 2020, the DeRivera Park Trust sold the property to the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy. Funding for the purchase of Cooper’s Woods was provided by the Clean Ohio Fund, the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Conservation Fund (TC Energy), and a private donation in memory of George, Grace, and John “Bullet” Borman. The LEIC transferred the property to Put-in-Bay Township Park District in June 2020.

The formal dedication of Cooper’s Woods took place on September 24th. The 18 acres of forested land with unique flora and fauna are now forever preserved and protected as a natural area. Cooper’s Woods is managed and maintained by Put-in-Bay Township Park District. The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy has a conservation easement on the property. A conservation easement is a voluntary, legal agreement between the Park District and the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy that permanently restricts the use of the land in order to protect its conservation values.

More than 60 people attended the dedication. Kelly Faris, Chair of Put-in-Bay Township Park District, gave an overview of the protection of Cooper’s Woods. Roger Parker, Chair of the Friends of Cooper’s Woods talked about the efforts of the Friends of Cooper’s Woods to stop development on the property. Lisa Brohl thanked the numerous organizations and people involved in the efforts to “Save Cooper’s Woods.”

After the brief speeches were completed, there was a formal opening ceremony when members of the Putin- Bay School Environmental Club unveiled the “Welcome to Cooper’s Woods” sign. A surprise presentation took place at the end of the formal ceremony. Lisa Brohl leads the group along the path in Cooper’s Woods where a bench has been placed dedicated to Marty and Kelly Faris. The dedication of the bench reads: Oh, the Places You’ll Go! And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) Dr. Seuss

Thanks to Marty and Kelly Faris for their tireless efforts to preserve Cooper’s Woods. They have been guiding lights in the preservation of Put-in-Bay green spaces for our future. Both Kelly and Marty Faris were pleased and honored by the presentation of the bench. It was emotional for both of them. A reception at the Goat Restaurant followed where attendees raised glasses celebrating the “end of the saga” with champagne contributed by the Heineman Winery. Refreshments were provided by the Goat Restaurant.

Cooper’s Woods has a unique assemblage of wildlife: white-tailed deer, raccoon, red fox, coyote, and the ever-present chipmunk. Over 110 species of birds have been documented. Cooper’s Woods is one of the largest intact forested areas on South Bass Island. This upland forest’s composition is closer to that found on morainal ridges to the north in Canada. Sugar maple, northern red oak, white oak, basswood, black cherry, American elm, hackberry, slippery elm, and black walnut are scattered throughout the 18 acres of the preserve.

In the spring, Cooper’s Woods displays plenty of Dutchman’s breeches, Appendaged and Virginia Waterleaf, Wild Hyacinths, Purple Cress, Jack in the Pulpit, Blue Phlox, and South Bass Island’s most magnificent display of Trillium. Cooper’s Woods Dedication Lisa Brohl addressed the over sixty people in attendance at the Cooper’s Woods dedication. Current and former members of the Put-in-Bay School Environmental Club unveiled the “Welcome to Cooper’s
Woods” sign. The new sign at Cooper’s Woods