Put-in-Bay News April 2021

Put-in-Bay to Receive $30K from COVID Relief Bill

Put-in-Bay is set to receive $30,000 from the recently-passed COVID-19 relief bill, also known as the American Rescue Plan. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’sPhoto of boats on the dock in news April 2021 (D-OH) office announced funding amounts for local cities and counties across her district. According to Kaptur’s office, the American Rescue Plan will provide $30,000 for Put-in-Bay and $60,000 for Kelleys Island. Why such different amounts for the two island communities is unclear. This was announced in our news for December 2020

Asphalt Mike Now Scheduling for Spring Work

Asphalt Mike Maiberger from Pavement Maintenance, Inc. tells us he will be on the island this spring to check on your pavement needs. Pavement Maintenance has been doing asphalt work, repair, crack filling, sealing and striping for 40 years, including many years on the island. Give Mike a call at (419) 937-5659 for a free estimate.

Browns Backers Draft Day 5k

The Put-in-Bay Browns Backers Draft Day 5k will be on Sunday, May 2, 2021. The race will be both in-person and virtual. More information, including the registration link, can be found on the race website: https://draftday5k.itsyourrace.com/

Lake Erie Water Levels Decline After Record Highs

Lake Erie water levels are heading down after two years of broken records. In March, the water level was 15 inches lower than in March 2020. The water level is expected to go up 5 inches this month. Lake Erie is normally at its lowest level during December and January and highest in June and July, so Lake Erie water levels should continue to go up until June/July but will remain about a foot lower than last year on the same date.

The water levels projected for Lake Erie are still much higher than the long-term average. Below-average precipitation in the Great Lakes region is one of the causes. It should be interesting if this statistic will be included in the 10 Interesting Facts About Put-in-Bay

Indications Look Good for Return of J-1 Workers

Last season, international students working on the island under the J-1 visa program were about as hard to find as a needle in a haystack. This year with the change of administration in Washington, plus more people getting Covid vaccine shots, indications are that things will start returning to normal.

We’re not sure how many J-1 workers there are during any particular season, but the numbers are significant. Put-in-Bay was recently named one of the top ten places to visit in America which should help to recruit employees.

Garden Club Starts Season

Spring has officially arrived for the Put-in-Bay Garden Club, and with Spring, dues renewal should have arrived via email. Remember, this can be completed online at https://www.putinbaygardenclub.com/membershipdonate.html or by mail or PayPal with specifics on the form. We are still working on dates and finalizing the topics of our 2021 programs. In May, the season will begin with the prep and planting of the baskets for the DeRivera lamp post baskets on May 18th and 19th. Please contact Val Chornyak at (419) 285-4030 if you would like to help. – Barb Hunter, President Put-in-Bay Garden Club

Contents of Stevens’ House to be Sold in May

Chan and Boo Stevens’ century home just east of Perry’s Monument has been sold to some people from California, and many of the contents are going to be sold the weekend of May 21st and 22nd. Dan Savage from the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society will be conducting the sale, as he did for the Buttrey home next door to Chan’s a few years ago and the one at Kay Drake’s home on the West Shore last season. There will be a preview on the eve of the sale, plus a portion of the proceeds of the sale will go to the LEI Historical Society. Watch for more information about the sale in the May issue.

Resale Shop to Open First Week in April

Put-in-Bay News April 2021 reports The Resale Shop at the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum will open the first weekend in April. This is now the time to rid yourself of all the stuff you found in your home this past winter and donate it to a good cause. An interesting article appeared about how to pick the best hotel accommodations that featured Put-in-Bay. We expect this will be a popular place to visit for those looking to travel on a budget.

Easter Egg Hunt to be Different

Due to the current global pandemic, the Recreation Committee is unable to host the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, as in previous years. Instead, the Rec. Committee will be hosting a bunny hop trail Saturday, April 3rd, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., allowing for island residents’ children ages birth-sixth grade to make stops at five designated locations to receive goodies and then an additional stop to have a meet and greet with the Easter Bunny!

Free Rapid COVID-19 Tests Available

The Ottawa County Health Department and The Salvation Army Port Clinton Service Center have collaborated together to provide free Rapid COVID test kits. These tests are available by appointment only at The Salvation Army by calling 419-732-2769. In order to access the test, you will need to first download the app and proceed with the step-by-step instructions that will be provided in the test kits. Results are available within 15 minutes. (Instructions are included with the test.) The Salvation Army will distribute the test kits and not provide Medical Advice. For more information call The Salvation Army 419-732-2769 and speak with Director, Maureen Saponari.

Port Authority Events Calendar

In other news April 2021 The Put-in-Bay Port Authority has decided to place on the calendar for 2021 two popular island events. The Bash on the Bay Concert is scheduled for two days on August 25th and 26th. The Put-in-Bay Road Race is scheduled for September 22nd and 23rd. Both events will be held at the Put-in-Bay Airport. These two outdoor events have long lead times for planning and logistics and are being placed on the 2021 calendar with the hope that we will continue our progress in defeating the Covid-19 virus and that current restrictions will be lifted in the coming months.

Bash on the Bay 2021

Country music lovers are going to love this year’s two, yes, two, Bash on the Bay Concerts at the Put-in-Bay Airport on Wednesday, August 25th, and Thursday, August 26th. The headliners were announced on March 22nd. It was first leaked in News for October 2020 The lineup for the first concert will feature Runaway June, Cale Dodd, John King, Cumberland Run, and wrap up with headliner Blake Shelton ending the evening. Shelton is currently starring in his 20th Season on “The Voice.”

Four-time Grammy winner Keith Urban will star in the second concert which will also have performances by Carly Pearce, Walker Hayes,
Cory Farley and The Outliers. Tickets went on sale Friday, March 26th, at etix.com The event organizers will have health and safety protocols in effect. Ticket holders will receive refunds if the festival is canceled for any reason related to COVID-19.

Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association

The Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association (PIBPOA) Board extends a warm welcome to all of you for the 2021 Put-in-Bay season! We hope you and your family have stayed safe and healthy over the winter. We are all looking forward to a more normal 2021 summer season than the one we experienced last year.
Membership dues are $25.00 per household.

You can pay by check made out to PIBPOA and mailed to PlBPOA • Box 7 • Put-in-Bay, OH 43456 Or you can pay at the first meeting. This year we plan to continue addressing issues that concern island residents including investigating the pros and cons of village expansion and enforcement of Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals regulations. By being a member of PIBPOA, you will have a voice on these issues and be kept informed of the latest island news, meetings, and events.

Our first meeting will be announced on the Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association Facebook page and on our website, www. PIBPOA. com. Please check out the website and see how easily you can find and retrieve past and current information Stay safe. Stay healthy. You can see our meeting notes from our last meeting here: See you at our first meeting!

Put-in-Bay School News April 2021

Spring is upon us and our students are anxious to walk or ride their bikes to school again. Please drive slowly and follow our drop-off/pick-up procedures to ensure the safety of our children. We would like parents to please drop-off/pick-up along Catawba Ave. instead of occupying a parking space in the school parking lot. Parking is limited and we would like to reserve spaces for patrons of our library.

The Board of Education and Put-in-Bay School staff would like to thank all the people in our community who volunteered their time or made contributions to various school events or activities this past year. Our school could not function without the support of so many individuals. Our sincere thanks will be expressed again next month when we send thank you cards to everyone who volunteered or contributed. Thank you, island community!

Seniors Talli Steidl, Elena Schroeder, Nora Ladd, and Lucy Schneider left the island on March 31st for their senior class trip to Utah. Chaperones Missi Kowalski and Patrick Green shared their knowledge and experience with the State Parks in Utah to explore the beauty with these seniors. We can’t wait to see the pictures and hear the stories upon their return on April 8th.

On March 18th, Ms. K.C. Seaman conducted a baton twirling demonstration for our students. She is a certified United States Twirling Association registered coach and has been working with the baton twirlers at Oak Harbor and Port Clinton high schools. With the support of our Recreation Committee, we hope to garner enough interest to form a twirling club that could represent our school in parades. Have fun twirlers!

Senior Nora Ladd will be honored at the Ottawa CountyTop Ten Banquet on April 21st at Danbury High School. As year’s representative, she selected Ms. Missi Kowalski, her science teacher throughout high school, as her ‘honored educator.’ Nora will give a brief speech at the banquet recognizing Ms. K’s positive influence. Nora is our senior class Valedictorian and is the daughter of Chris and Heidi Ladd. On Friday,

May 7th, sophomore Alec Sharp will recognize his two grandmothers, Ms. Charmyne Kroger and Ms. Karen Sharp at the annual Ottawa County Nine-to-Five Breakfast. Students are chosen for this event by demonstrating improvement in school from September (the ninth month) to May (the fifth month) . . . hence, “Nine-to-Five.” Alec will thank his grandmothers for their support and influence, which has contributed to his academic improvement. Alec is the son of Ms. Sarah Sharp. Congratulations Alec!

The Quiz Bowl League had a short season this year with only two scheduled matches. Our Quiz Bowl team missed the first competition due to winter break and lost all four matches of the second competition on March 12th against Tiffin Columbian, Bucyrus, Calvert, and Carey. Our players included: 12th – Nora Ladd, Elena Schroeder, Lucy Schneider 11th – Kate Byrnes 10th – Macy Ladd 9th – Joseph Blumensaadt They all played competitively and forced close matches.

Our seniors were very excited to play in one final competition. Next year’s school calendar has been sent home and posted on our school website. When scheduling family vacations and appointments, please make them during our scheduled breaks. It was nice to see Put-in-Bay featured on the Stanford University website recently as well as the Harvard Website

Island Police Department- Put-in-Bay Police Department Chief Update

Put-in-Bay Mayor Jessica Dress presented her choice of a permanent police chief for the Village at the Village Council meeting in March. The mayor and her committee had to make their choice from about 50 applicants for the position. A majority vote of Council is needed to approve the hiring of a police chief, but Council, rather than taking a vote, decided that a background check was needed for the Mayor’s recommendation, Interim Chief
James Kimble.

At press time, the background check had not been received by Council for its review, so things are still up in the air as to who will actually be the next police chief of Put-in-Bay. In the meantime, Kimble remains as interim Chief.

June Arrests Bring Lawsuits

Several of the passengers in a golf cart stopped early last June by PIBPD officers in the parking lot at Adventure Bay have filed suit against the Village of Put-in-Bay and some of the officers involved in their arrest. The incident came about when police stopped an overloaded golf cart. The driver was spotted appearing to pass something off to one of the woman passengers in the cart. When the officers went to detain the woman, passengers in the cart joined in the confusing ruckus which had one officer pulling his gun. Multiple officers were called to the scene.

Six black men were arrested on aggravated rioting charges and released two days later, with all charges dropped following a protest for their release outside the Ottawa County Courthouse. Last fall, four of the people in the cart filed suit against the Village and seven of its police officers in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. The plaintiffs made allegations that the Put-in-Bay police department used excessive force during the arrests, that they were falsely imprisoned, the officers acted negligently, and that the officers were ill-trained.

They also claimed that each person involved in the incident suffered physical and emotional trauma, treatment for medical expenses, and lost wages. The suit seeks more than $75,000 in compensation. Now five others involved have joined the lawsuit. Another woman, who is also black, joined the suit from a separate incident in May.

An attorney representing the village filed a response to the lawsuit claiming that the officers were acting in self-defense, that the plaintiffs “consented to or invited the alleged conduct against them,” that the plaintiffs obstructed lawful official business, and that officers had probable cause. Both the plaintiffs and the defendants asked the judge for a trial by jury.

Put-in-Bay News April 2021 – April Fools Jokes Abound!

Sonny-S To Get Makeover!

We hear Johnny Schneider was busy this winter lengthening the Sonny-S, the ferry that runs between Middle Bass and Put-in-Bay. He tells us the trusty vessel has been cut in half and a new five-foot section was added. In addition, there will be roof-top seating on top similar to what the Jet Express boats have. In the engine room, two new Caterpillar C12 Super Charged Truck Racing Diesel Engines each with 732 cubic inches of displacement and 1,400
horsepower will make this a water-going hot rod.

Johnny says the ride to Middle Bass on the new Sonny S this summer will be a ride tourists won’t want to miss, adding, “It will be better than any ride at Cedar Point!” The estimated cost for the project has not been disclosed at this time, but Johnny said, “To H— with the cost! You only live once!”

Margarita Trucks are Hitting Put-in-Bay Island Island Streets

Ring ring, do you hear that? It’s not the ice cream truck, no, it’s a truck that is so much better! According to a news release, a new company, Margaritas on the Go, is launching margarita trucks. Beginning on Memorial Day their bright pink trucks will deliver every variety of margaritas you can imagine straight to your front door. According to the release, the first truck will deliver all over South Bass Island. Their jingle is catchy and soon we will all be running out of our homes and cottages to buy Margaritas from the Margarita Truck.

Road Race Reunion Changes for 2021

To increase interest in the Road Races, officials have decided to have not only the regular racecourse at the Put-in-Bay Airport, but also drag races down the Airport Rd. Fans are expected to love the new event.

No Limit on Horn Noise

The Put-in-Bay Village Council and the Put-in-Bay Twp. Trustees cannot agree on how loud Put-in-Bay golf cart Rentals horns should be, so unless a compromise is reached, all golf carts on the island can have horns with unlimited decibels. The hang-up in negotiations centers around the fact that any new regulations would also apply to any island vehicle with four round wheels.

Jim Whereheim Named Fox’s Den Resident of the Year

Jim Whereheim was unanimously chosen as Fox’s Den Resident of the Year by several Island Club cottage owners. “Shy Jim,” as he’s known by his island friends, told the Gazette he is extremely honored by the announcement and assured everyone he will represent Fox’s Den in a manner befitting his lifestyle. He added, “I look forward to receiving this honor every year for years to come.” Maria, Jim’s charming wife, gagged when news Apri 2021 brought up the subject.

Village and Township Press for Lower Lake Level

The Village of Put-in-Bay and Put-in-Bay Township are working together to lower the water level in Lake Erie. In a recent letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the two island entities made a case that lowering the lake level would increase the land area of the islands which in turn would add more lakefront property and bring in more real estate tax money for the island. The article about Put-in-Bay Sinking helped the cause.

Statue Exchange

Johnson’s Island and Put-in-Bay are planning a statue exchange this season. Johnson’s Island, a Union prison camp during the Civil War, has a cemetery full
of southern prisoners who died while imprisoned on the island. At the cemetery is a statue of a Confederate Soldier that was erected in their honor about 120 years ago. In Put-in-Bay’s DeRivera Park, there is a statue of a World War I Doughboy honoring those from the island who died in the two World Wars.

Both statues will be removed from their bases in May and each moved by lift truck and ferry to the other’s location. This cultural exchange will last the entire
summer or until such time officials can pay to have them each returned to their home locations.

Does He Ever See A Sunset

With all the photos of sunrises at Put-in-Bay Billy Market takes and posts on Facebook, it got us thinking. Billy never posts sunset photos and we’re wondering if he has ever seen one.

Village recognizes “People’s Republic of Pelee Island”

Put-in-Bay’s Village Council voted 5 to 1 to recognize “The People’s Republic of Pelee Island” at its March secret meeting. The one dissenting vote came
from Jeff Koehler who abstained from voting because he can see Pelee Island from his living room window on a clear day.

In an article the next day in the Sandusky Register, the editors congratulated Put-in-Bay’s village government for their swift and decisive action and praised Pelee Islanders for their away from Ontario and forming their own country. It was later disclosed that the entire thing was a hoax to prove the SR editors don’t know s— from Shinola when it comes to what they think they know about the islands.

Lobsters in Lake Erie!

If engineers are correct, a leak in the massive salt mines under Lake Erie off Cleveland could change our Freshwater inland sea to a salty one. Eric Booker from the Boardwalk, who has been following this news intently, says we will be seeing boats harvesting lobsters all around the island area in just a couple of years. The Boardwalk could truly become the Lobster Bisque Capital of the Great Lakes.

To drive home his optimistic prediction, he plans on converting the harbor launches, the Emily B and the Stanley B, into lobster boats at the end of the 2021 season. The boats have been used for years to transport sailors back and forth from their boats in the harbor to the Boardwalk Dock. From the little Eric knows about lobstering, they will be perfect for conversion according to news April 2021

Island Children Might Be Allowed To Drive On The Island

There’s a lot of talk about allowing island kids to get driver’s permits at age twelve. The permits would only be good for driving golf carts on the island. Summer homeowners and frequent visitors to the islands could also get permits for their children to drive golf carts. The suggestion came after numerous complaints about kids driving golf carts. Proponents say, if kids were legally allowed to drive carts, there would be no more complaints. One diehard
the advocate said, “If you can’t beat’em, join’em!”

Kids wanting to drive on the island would get an “Island Only” special permit from the Put-in-Bay Police Department or any Cart Rental location for a mere $20. The permit would be good until they reach the legal driving age of 16. Police or cart rental personnel would give a 10-minute training session and then issue a plastic photo id for proof that the child was allowed to drive on the island.

Parents will soon have fun and family-oriented activity they can all enjoy as little Johnny or Suzie take to the wheel to give mom and dad and little sister or brother a tour around the island. Soon we will see this news in revised travel tips to Put-in-Bay!

Village Council Responds to Crisis In News April 2021

Put-in-Bay’s Village Council held an emergency session in March to craft legislation that puts a bag limit on the amount of beach glass that can be collected at any one time by one person on the Lake Erie Islands. The overharvesting and shortage of beach glass on island beaches has reached crisis proportions similar to those lean years of fishing for perch and walleye in Lake Erie.

A daily “bag limit” was imposed and fishing returned better than ever. Hopefully, the Beach Glass Ordinance will do the same for beach glass. Major Jessica Blouse and all the Council made the “Beach Glass Ordinance 4-3456” top priority in response to the complaints about island beach glass collectors who leave few pieces for the summer tourists who fine Put-in-Bay One Of The Top six travel destinations and others to find.

“I’m not going to name names, but most of the problem is caused by a few island women who are now spoiling beach glass collecting for everyone,” said Major Dress. “There are hundreds of beach glass collectors, but a mere half dozen island ladies account for 90% of all beach glass collected from every beach on our islands. They know who they are. They should be ashamed of themselves!” Effective May 1st, a bag limit will be put on all beach glass found along the shores of the Lake Erie Islands in Ottawa County.

There will be restrictive limits on various sizes and colors, as well as certain shapes like hearts. Men and children under six will be exempt from the new law. The rule will apply to all the Lake Erie Islands in Ottawa County except for Lost Ballast. Officials on Kelleys Island and Pelee Island are considering similar legislation, but it has not been passed at this time. Enforcement of the new law will be the job of the Put-in-Bay Police Department.

The Chief has put the word out to news April 2021 that beach patrol officers are needed, plus he applied for an INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) grant for a patrol boat that will not only scout the beaches from the water but will also watch for illegal immigrants crossing the border to the islands from Pelee Island in Canada.

A violation of the ordinance will carry a fine of up to $150 and confiscation of all beach glass for a first violation and jail time for a second violation not to exceed 30 days in the Put-in-Bay jail in the basement of the Town Hall. The Gazette will print the entire ordinance next month for everyone to “clip and save”
as the ordinance is very complex in light of the crisis.