Port Clinton – The Jet Express Main Lot

Conveniently located at our downtown Port Clinton dock. This safe, secure lot is the closest and easiest to use, and has an attendant on duty throughout most of the day. FREE parking for the first 30 minutes allows for passenger/luggage pick-up and drop-off. NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING PERMITTED.
0-30 minutes FREE 31 minutes to one hour $2.00
Each additional hour $2.00
Daily maximum (per 24 hours) $10.00
Lost parking ticket pays $30.00

Port Clinton – The Jet Express Long Term Lot

Located one-block from our downtown Port Clinton dock. This fenced lot offers a self-serve automated gate, and a cheaper parking alternative to those passengers staying for an extended period of time. There is one charge when you enter, and you may park for as long as you like. NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING PERMITTED.
One time in / One time out $10.00

Sandusky – Parking

Our Sandusky Dock has free daily parking on Jackson Street Pier. Overnight parking is available on Jackson Street Pier for $5 per night. You can pay this $5 fee adjacent to the Overnight Parking Area with a computerized parking meter. Note: all parking is affiliated with the City of Sandusky, the Jet Express is not responsible for any fees or does the Jet Express operate the parking areas in Sandusky.

Lorain – Parking

Located at the Black River Wharf on Broadway and 14th Street, the parking and launch site also offers a sheltered picnic area with lights and grills available for public use at no charge for your special events. This award-winning facility is ideal for fishing tournaments any time of the year and is accessible 24-hours per day.