Put-in-Bay – Kelly’s Island – Truly Treasured Islands In Lake Erie – Get there on the Put-in-Bay Ferry

The Jet Express Put-in-Bay Ferry provides service to Put-in-Bay, Kelly’s Island, Sandusky & Cedar Point and Port Clinton Ohio carrying passengers and small freight items. Our fleet of US Coastguard inspected and approved vessels feature the latest marine safety innovations and highly trained Captains and crewmembers. Our Put-in-Bay Ferry service offers the most daily trips and is the only ferry service offering a downtown arrival and late night service.

While there is a freight boat that comes in three miles away on the other side of the island, there are many reasons why riding the Jet Express is the best bang for your buck including:

  • The Jet Express is the ONLY Put-in-Bay Ferry that offers late night service.

We hear it all the time, vacationers visit Put-in-Bay and discover all the island has to offer and are limited to how much they can see due to the freight boats limited schedule which terminates much earlier than the Jet Express. See more for your money and stay later into the evening. Decide to stay later or depart earlier? Just change your ticket at the booth! WORTH IT!

  • The Jet Express is the ONLY Put-in-Bay Ferry that arrives right in the downtown area.

Your vacation time is valuable, you’ve worked all year for it! Why arrive at Put-in-Bay and have to take a taxi, bus or hike three miles to get to the Put-in-Bay Attractions, restaurants & nightlife?  All the Put-in-Bay Hotels & Resorts are right downtown and we bring you in just a few blocks away! You can walk to virtually every modern lodging facility on the island. WORTH IT!

  • The Jet Express is the ONLY Put-in-Bay Ferry to offer the most inside & dry comfortable seating!

Let’s face it, every day is not warm and sunny despite our requests to Mother Nature, and when that cold or windy rainy day does make an appearance the Jet Express Ferry offers more inside and comfortable seating (NO BENCH SEATS) than the freight boat. Stay Dry & Stay Warm! WORTH IT

  • The Jet Express is the ONLY Put-in-Bay Ferry to offer full functioning restrooms on board!

Yes, you heard that right!  Only the Jet Express features easily accessible functioning restrooms on the main deck for your comfort. WORTH IT!

  • The Jet Express is the only Put-in-Bay Ferry to offer Luggage Assitance & is wheelchair & Stroller Friendly!

Upon arrival to the terminal, the friendly Jet Express employees will assist you with your luggage placing it on a specially designed trailer that is driven on and then off the boat upon arrival! Speaking of arrival, when you arrive with your wheelchair or stroller you are on level ground and there is no large steep hill to climb up like the freight boat that comes in three miles away! WORTH IT!

  • The Jet Express is the ONLY Put-in-Bay Ferry to offer SECURE parking!

Who wants to leave their car parked in a field? The Jet Express offers secure fenced parking with modern video monitoring to ensure your car is safe and secure while you visit Put-in-Bay. Lots are paved and well maintained. WORTH IT!

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